As a filmmaker, I am inspired by the subtleties and complexities of single moments in any given person's life. I'm constantly caught off-guard by the millions of incredible stories being told simultaneously, inches or thousands of miles apart. At the same time, I lie in awe of the ways in which this world is absolutely miniscule and interconnected in awesome ways.

I have worked as a writer, producer, director, editor, cinematographer, and production assistant on a wide range of projects, from short films to television shows and high school sports videos to music videos. I'm interested in exploring all sorts of filmmaking opportunities.

"Here and Gone"

[IMDB] "Here and Gone" is a short silent pixilated film that I wrote, directed, produced, and edited. I've been fortunate to travel with it throughout the country and meet some wonderful people along the way. Check it out below, and surf on over to the film's official site at

Other Short Films:

"Do Me A Solid"

[IMDB] Created in April 2011 as part of the 24 Hour Film Race, I directed, produced, and helped to write and edit "Do Me A Solid," a short comedy. A guy covers for his buddy and attempts to rally some camaraderie among strangers.


I directed, produced, helped to write and edit "Kataraphobia: A Case Study In Crippling Repetition" for a previous 24 Hour FilmRace. It is a comedic mockumentary about a superstitious washed-up animator preparing to make the biggest pitch of his long sorry career.

Music Videos:

Twig Palace - "Pangea"

2010. Shot on beautiful Whidbey Island with Twig Palace, a folk band from Olympia, WA.

Noddy - "Black Heart"

2011. Split-Screen Dance Party! Noddy is a fun electro-pop dance band from Seattle.

Fox & the Law - "Honey, You're Heartless"

2010. This is a lo-fi choreographed number for Fox and the Law, Seattle rock and roll band.

Land of Pines - "Grow"

2010. Land of Pines is an indie rock/pop band and this video was made as part of Through This Window.